The Golden Divinity

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

From within a bold heart, shines a golden beam
It pours and flows superfluously
An honoring of roots, an embodiment of wings
Strong and fearless, weaving onwards with grace.
Seemingly, without a seam.

Yet the magic lies in detours, and frazzled strings...
You may wander and stray, falter or fray.
But true and brave, the heart remains.
For the inevitable imperfections,
Reminders, and reflections,
Act as teachers, and beacons of growth.
Open to the lessons offered
Trusting of this beautiful process.

Throughout the valleys of this journey
The luminosity always finds you
And casts it's light forevermore,
guiding you back to the path
Of integrity.

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