Custom Orders


Step 1 – Inspiration

Take a look through my photos on the gallery or

my facebook page to get a sense of what you want.


Step 2 – Item

Decide what item you want: (i.e. tailcoat & top hat or gala gown) and choose your colour palette. I rework pieces, so ideally we start with a piece you’ve found as a base (a fave jacket or a thrift store find)

that fits you and is in a colour that you like.

If need be I also have some bases that we can work from.


Step 3 – Sizing

Let me know which size you usually take: S M or L.

Keep in mind that most of my creations can be made adjustable.


Step 4 – Budget

Figure out how you much you want to spend, keeping in mind that the more you can afford, the more epic your piece can be. Some ballpark figures…

TailCoat: $600 & up

Frolicking Frocks: $500 & up

Gala Gown: $1500 & up


A deposit of will be required to begin. 

For larger pieces I can do payment plans.


Keep in mind that as the artist, I will work with you but please be open to the fact that it may turn out a bit different than what you had in mind.

Please know that if you change your mind about keeping it

(so far this hasn’t happened), deposits are non-refundable.


Step 5 

  Sit Down and write an e-mail to

containing ALL these points. I find it really hard to keep track of

conversationson Facebook so please send me a proper e-mail. 

If need be, we can have an online Skype conversation to really dial things in. 


Can’t wait to get started on your creation!

Welcome to my Faery Garden! 

Please follow ALL the steps below to plant a seed in the ruffle patch for your custom creation!

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