Once upon a time that is this very moment right now along with lots of other moments… there was, and is, a wildly hot pink and ruffled faery named KLC who is rumored to have sprung fully formed from the center of a polka dotted flower far away in the land of Auz.


From the first breath she ever gulped this faery was going full throttle, so filled with glee just to be, that the only thing it seemed reasonable to do was make that glee into tangible forms so she could spread it far and wide and dress up all the nice people in it so everyone else could savor that same gleeful flavour she sips on the regular.


Obviously there are many forms for true live glee to take…ruffley tutu’s, hats shaped like flowers and hats that go tip top, gazillions of tiny foam flowers to stick everywhich where…the most  important thing is COLOR!


So KLC Faery now travels far and wide (though still makes her home in the Creation Station in Whistler, BC) transforming people and spaces and events into the most ruffled sparkly confections of glee and mirth we ever couldn’t quite imagine. Sometimes she travels with the Funginears, who are very lucky to have an ally like her, as she is incredibly on top of it  spreading color and sparkle and love wherever she goes.


You never know where you might find her next, just follow the trails of ruffle clad folk with curiously unsinkable grins.

About Kelseys Creations

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